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Individual Placement Services

Since 1987, the Individual Placement Service (IPS) of the Institute for Community Inclusion has been providing individualized supports to people with disabilities seeking employment.

Services include:

The IPS assists individuals with disabilities in getting and keeping a job. These services are highly individualized, providing a wide range of supports for individuals with varied interests, skills, and needs. For individuals seeking employment, person-centered career planning is a cornerstone of the service. Through the career planning process individuals articulate their goals and expectations for employment. The career plan guides the job development process, identifying the type of work, the nature of the work environment, as well as other preferences identified by the job seeker, such as pay, benefits, location, and work schedule. In addition to job placement, services may include job seeking skills training, resume development, case coordination, assistance with benefits, job coaching, travel training, and other work-related supports.

All placements occur in community-based employment settings. Individuals become employees of the company where they work. Each employer, according to existing personnel practices, determines work schedules, wages, and benefits.

Once an individual gets a job, supports are provided to facilitate the individual’s successful transition into employment. The IPS serves individuals with varied support needs. Upon placement, a plan will be developed with each individual to identify the amount and type of support needed to promote successful employment. The IPS works with each participant and their employer to facilitate the acquisition of skills needed to maintain the job and to facilitate the development of natural supports. While some participants need long-term supports, for many individuals services fade over time.

The IPS also provides services to individuals who may be working but need additional support to be successful at work. The IPS will work with each individual, employer, and referral agency to develop an individual plan for employment supports.

Eligibility and Referral Process:

To be eligible for the IPS an applicant must be 16 years of age or older and demonstrate motivation to work. The intake process for the program is designed to assist program staff in understanding the needs of the applicant and to provide the applicant with the information necessary to decide if he/she wants to participate in the program. Potential applicants first attend an informational interview to get more information about the services offered. If interested in the IPS, the individual will be asked to complete an application and schedule an interview. Family members and other service providers are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the interview process. The purpose of the referral process is to ensure that the individual makes an informed decision to participate in the IPS and that the services offered are consistent with the individual's goals and support needs.

Referrals can be made by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, the departments of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities, Massachusetts Commission for the Blind, local educational associations, advocacy groups, families, or potential participants. Funding is arranged on an individual basis with the referring agency. Services may also be funded privately.

To learn more about the Individual Placement Service (IPS) or to make a referral contact:

Lara Enein-Donovan
Program Coordinator
Institute for Community Inclusion
University of Massachusetts Boston
100 Morrissey Boulevard
Boston, MA 02125-3393
617.287.4319 (voice)
617.287.4352 (fax)
617.287.4350 (TTY)

This information sheet is available in audiotape, large print, and disk or Braille format upon request.

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