Forms and Documents: Benefits/Ticket to Work

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General Benefits Information

Changing the Culture and Message About Benefits: A Comprehensive Approach for Promoting Employment (PDF)
This brief addresses how to reframe the message that public benefit issues are a barrier, in order to promote the expansion of community employment for people with disabilities.

Going to Work: A Guide to Social Security Benefits for Young People with Disabilities (2011 edition)
This publication provides easy-to-understand, practical, hands-on information about work incentives and the impact of earnings on SSI and SSDI benefits.

Work Incentives Information
Information from SSA regarding a variety of work incentives.

VCU National Training Center
The Virginia Commonwealth University National Training Center website has a variety of benefits counseling information, that are useful reference materials.

Health Insurance Information
For Individuals on Medicaid
Threshold Earnings Level: Many individuals often assume incorrectly, that they will lose their Medicaid health coverage if they go to work. However, individuals maintain their Medicaid coverage until they reach an earnings level known as the "threshold amount."
Medicaid Buy-In: 44 states have a Medicaid Buy-In program that allows individuals to purchase Medicaid on a sliding fee scale, if they no longer qualify for free Medicaid. To find out about the Medicaid Buy-In program in your state, do a web search of your state’s name with the words “Medicaid Buy-In”. You can also call your state Medicaid office. Information on Medicaid Buy-In and a list of state Medicaid offices.
Additional information on Medicaid coverage

For Individuals on Medicare
Medicare coverage stays in affect for at least 8½ years after someone begins working. If Medicare ends, individuals can purchase Medicare coverage.
The Disability Medicare Wizard is designed to assist SSA-sponsored benefits planners and advocates in determining when an SSDI beneficiary’s Extended Medicare Coverage will cease as a result of work and earnings

Social Security Area Work Incentive Coordinators (AWICs)
Area Work Incentive Coordinators coordinate and provide public outreach on work incentives to assist individuals to go to work as well as handle sensitive and/or high profile disability cases related to work. They can also help beneficiaries connect with local Work Incentive Liaisons who can assist the individuals with challenges involving work incentives and benefit issues.

Massachusetts Public and Subsidized Housing Tenants: Know Your Rights! Get a Rent Freeze When You Go to Work (PDF)
Rent Freeze Basics for Public and Subsidized Housing Tenants Who Go to Work: A Guide for Mass. Community Service Providers (PDF)
The two publications above relate to Rent Freeze and Housing Laws. For some tenants, Rent Freeze incentive policies can minimize the impact that increased earnings will have on rent. Under a rent freeze, an eligible tenant can keep their rent stable for a period of time after going to work. The provider guide serves as a companion document and offers additional information so that human service staff can assist and support consumers, who are also tenants with disabilities, in advocating for a rent freeze as indicated.

 Ticket to Work Program

What is the Ticket to Work Program?
An overview of the Ticket to Work program and links to additional information.

Ticket to Work Payments Chart (PDF)
2012 EN Payments-at-a-Glance

Guide to Payments Under the Ticket to Work
Detailed information on Employment Network payments

Ticket to Work Employment Network Forms
Links to a wide array of forms for Employment Networks, including Individual Work Plan, 18-month prior earnings tool, and many others.

Ticket to Work Outreach Materials for Service Providers

How to Become an Employment Network
Information on how to become an Employment including a link to the application for becoming an Employment Network

Partnership Plus
Information on the Partnership Plus program that allows an individual to be served by public Vocational Rehabilitation and then an Employment Network.

Social Security Cost Reimbursement Program
Information on the cost reimbursement program available to state public Vocational Rehabilitation agencies. VR agencies can serve as Employment Networks (ENs) in the Ticket to Work Program or under Social Security's VR Reimbursement Program.