Forms and Documents: Job Development

Documents below are in Microsoft Word format, unless otherwise noted.

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Job Development Essentials: Second Edition (PDF)
This comprehensive manual published by Public/Private Ventures follows the basic process for developing jobs. Each chapter covers a major job development component and offers an overview along with checklists, tops, stories, resources, examples, troubleshooting and problem-solving strategies.

Basic Guidelines for Interacting with People with Disabilities
This fact sheet provides information on awareness and etiquette regarding interaction with people with mobility, communication, hearing, vision, developmental / intellectual, psychiatric, chemical sensitivity / respiratory, and seizure-related disabilities.

Dealing with Employer Objections
This fact sheet offers strategies and potential responses to common employer concerns.

Employer Survey Form
This is a sample questionnaire that asks employers to give feedback regarding their satisfaction with employment services.

How to Contact Employers
This sheet provides a brief script along with a list of questions to use in your initial contact to learn about a new employer.

Making the Elevator Pitch
This worksheet provides questions for employment staff to answer that will lead to the development of a 60- second pitch to use in initial communication with employers.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC): An Employer-Friendly Benefit for Hiring Job Seekers Most in Need of Employment (PDF) | (Word Document)
This is a fact sheet from the Department of Labor targeted to employers, which contains all information necessary for them to become eligible and apply for the WOTC incentive.

Job Seeker Contact Sheet
This is a worksheet that job seekers or employment staff can copy and compile in a 3-ring binder during career networking activities. The form allows for tracking of contact information as well as useful guiding questions to ask and record.

Job Search Journal
This worksheet for job seekers has space to record job goal(s), steps to take, who can help, and includes listing of specific network contacts, and job search activities.

Job Search Plan
This worksheet takes the job seeker through important steps in finding employment: identifying jobs and workplaces of interest; declaring skills to offer; developing a resume; establishing where to find job openings; and listing people who can help.

Disclosure Decisions To Get the Job (PDF)
This disclosure decision guide from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) takes job seekers through three steps: Determining need for disclosure, Deciding when to disclose, and Choosing how to disclose.

Sample Interview Questions
This is a tool for job seekers listing common interview questions, along with a worksheet for defining steps to a job goal.

Top Ten Questions
These are questions for job developers to ask employers in order to better understand unmet business needs.

Job Creation Tool
This worksheet for job developers guides a step-by-step individualized process, leading to customized job ideas for persons with more significant disabilities.

Networking Exercise (Powerpoint)
This form is organized into categories to help job seekers’ identify people in their network who may be able to provide valuable information and/or referrals in regard to development of their personal profile, career exploration and/or job search opportunities.

Networking Phone Scripts
This worksheet provides suggestions about what to say when reaching out to your networks to gather career-related information.

Identifying Job Options Grid
This simple, one-page tool pulls together all the important topics to consider in guiding creative brainstorming during customized job placement efforts.

Local Market Analysis: Mapping Out A Community
This tool displays categories of different types of industries, and enables job developers and marketing staff to chart all corresponding employers in a given local geographical area.