Cecilia Gandolfo, M.S.Ed., Co-Project Investigator, Co-Director

Cecilia Gandolfo

Cecilia Gandolfo has over 25 years of experience in the rehabilitation and special education fields. She taught in New York state as well as Massachusetts. As the co-owner of a private rehabilitation agency for many years, she offered employment, education, and residential services to adults with a broad range of disabilities, many of whom were vocational rehabilitation clients, including providing job placement and support services. She also worked as a placement counselor for the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission.

 At the ICI, Cee is the Director of the New England TACE Center and a Program Director. She provides team leadership in the implementation of project activities as well as in the development of materials for workshops related to employment for people with disabilities. Cee has local, national, and international training exposure, and has co-authored employment-related training manuals, chapters, books, and articles. She is known for her dynamic presentation style engaging a broad range of audiences.

Cee has provided technical assistance locally and nationally on the implementation of better practices relating to employment for people with disabilities.

phone: 617-287-4342
email: cecilia.gandolfo@umb.edu