Amy Gelb

Amy Gelb has extensive experience in the disability and employment arena as a job coach, job developer, and manager of a large employment program funded by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health. She works as a trainer for the ICI. Her current focus is on providing training, technical assistance, mentoring, and job development strategies for the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services provider agencies.

Amy has been the host of a weekly cable TV show on employment and a weekly employment radio show. In a nationwide study of employment programs, the services that Amy managed were found to be the most cost-effective and successful. At the ICI, Amy has been involved in numerous projects related to workforce development and mentoring for job developers. She provides training on employment for people with disabilities, both locally and nationally.

Amy has taught a job-search strategies class and provided individual employment counseling and job development at the Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University. She also owned and operated her own business for many years.

phone: 617-287-4304