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David Temelini

Marketing and Communications Coordinator

J.D., Northeastern University School of Law
M.Ed., University of Massachusetts Boston
Massachusetts College of Art

David Temelini coordinates and implements marketing and communications strategy for the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI). He oversees web development and eLearning strategies, and is directly responsible for the design, production, and dissemination of ICI print publications and materials. His areas of expertise include layout, graphic design, marketing, and web strategies.

ICI publications by David Temelini

Disability Organizations' Perspectives on the Needs of Youth with Disabilities Who Are Runaway or Homeless

Findings from a national survey of state-level disability organizations on issues regarding runaway or homeless youth who have disabilities. (4/1998)

Shared Responsibility: Job Search Practices from the Consumer and Staff Perspective

A review of a national study of the job search practices used by community rehabilitation providers and independent living centers, focusing on the relationship between these practices and employment outcomes such as job satisfaction, wages, and hours. (5/1996)

Responding to the Needs of Youth with Disabilities Who Are Runaway or Homeless

Results from a national survey of Family Youth and Service Bureau-funded agencies regarding their knowledge of the needs of youth with disabilities who are runaways, homeless, or at risk for running away. (2/1997)

Select outside publications by David Temelini

Fesko, S.L. & Temelini, D. (1997). Shared responsibility: Job search practices from consumer and staff perspectives. In F.E. Menz, J. Eggers, P. Wehman, & V. Brooke (Eds.), Lessons for improving employment of people with disabilities from vocational rehabilitation (pp. 135-160). Menonomie, WI: Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute.

Fesko, S.L. & Temelini, D. (1997). What consumers and staff tell us about effective job search strategies. In W.E. Kiernan & R.L. Schalock (Eds.), Integrated employment: current status and future directions. Washington D.C.: AAMR.

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